Healing The Mind, Body & Spirit

My interest in healing, spiritual & personal development started in the mid 80′s when I was drawn to reading about the powerful connection between the mind and body. My own health improved immensely after I discovered how my subconsciousness mind was holding on to a traumatic experience from my early teens. Later in my adult life I started suffering from panic attacks, these attacks were effecting my daily life and gradually intensified waking me up from sleep most evenings. I had no idea the disharmony between my mind & body was a direct result of this painful experience from my teens. When my panic attacks got to the point of becoming unbearable I was fortunately guided towards discovering Reiki healing. After I was attuned to Reiki, a vision played out in my mind, like a movie clip of the very moment in my teens which was the cause of my panic attacks.

As the days & weeks passed I felt intuitively guided in sending healing to this past experience.

Distant healing or sending healing to the past is immensely powerful as I have personally experienced. Reiki Level II attunes you to this higher frequency of energy where you can send distant healing to others, or yourself, healing the past & present.

Since practising self healing my panic attacks stopped, its now been over 11 years.

This experience led me to becoming a channel for energy healing so I could help those seeking well-being in every area of their lives.

Reiki or spiritual healing? I feel it comes from the same source, its all about the intention and method of practice. I’ve practised both methods, received healing through both healing modalities and from experience the effects & sensations felt while having energy healing can vary from strong to much lighter based on the level of development of the practitioner, its not that one method is more powerful than the other. I feel that the strength of energy healing is like anything else in life, if you have lots of passion for what you do, sincere in what you do, you’ll develop & grow as a as a powerful channel for energy healing.

Healing is excellent whenever there is imbalance in ones life, where repetitive negative patterns keep occurring as Reiki works on many levels including the subconscious mind where positive shifts of energy can occur creating a greater connection to your own inner guidance. The health benefits of Reiki are immense invoking your own inner healing, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and for those who are open and ready the spiritual inner guidance it offers is tenfold.

Through my own spiritual development my clairvoyant skills also developed so when required I can support the individual by giving insight into where the individual is heading vibrationally in their life. The Tarot cards or other divination tools help me to connect intuitively, its like a switch goes on enabling me to energetically see what  is manifesting in the seekers life. Based on the needs of the individual I offer a combination of healing & spiritual guidance because together they work on healing every area of life, physically, materially, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki healing works in harmony with your higher mind allowing you to start releasing any negative emotional & mental patterns, creating conscious life solutions. And providing clairvoyant insight brings to the surface where you are in your life and where your heading based your subconscious thoughts and the energy influences around you.

Reiki healing is a process of allowing me to sense energy about the persons health and their life, the process of healing increases the individuals life force energy and unblocks the chakras. While giving healing I can determine which areas of the body needs more attention as each chakra is associated with a certain part of the body and organs. This process helps me to diagnose why the individual is experiencing emotional or physical issues. While giving energy healing or Reiki, the chakras absorbs Prana or Chi, known in the west as life force energy.

The energy of Chi emits vibrant, bright colors (the aura), a vibrational frequency, and sound. When Chi becomes disturbed, stagnant, imbalanced or depleted, dis-ease and illness begin to take form – the aura becomes darker and discoloured, personal frequency vibrates incorrectly, and the meridians (energy pathways – Chinese origin), and chakras (energy centers – Indian origin), within the body, become blocked.Image

Hattie’s Spiritual Teachings

Hello Fellow Spiritual Writers.

Its been a while since I’ve published on this site.

It was time to update onto a new website/blog. Its ironic because I always find that autumn brings out changes in me, just like the leaves that shed away each year ready for new growth that’s how I’m feeling.

New growth is a way of accelerating towards a higher conciousness possible at any time, any age and in any situation.

Whether its a new job, business idea, new autum leavesrelationship, a new course, its all about renewal and growth. Renewal for me is a way of letting go of the old things that no longer work and focusing on what inspires me and motivates me. Its about allowing more joy and good friendships into your life, about being comfortable in your own skin. Also its about being true to yourself and living the life you really desire instead of trying to fit into what others expect of you.

Hope you enjoy my new & updated blogs on my new web site and that it inspires you in some way.



Butterfly picture I took in my mothers garden on October 24th 2013


Meditation & Prayer

I’m often asked How Does Meditation work?                      

What is the best practice and How will it help me?


Meditation is the progressive quietening of the mind which can take you to your Divine Source, to a higher intelligence, to the all knowing universal wisdom.

Why do it?

On the first level it helps most people to manage their stress levels. And with regular practice of at least once a day for 20 to 30 minutes you will benefit from the biological effects such as lowering high blood pressure, increasing and maintaining a healthy immune system, improving your overall mental and emotional well-being.

The next level is for those seeking much more than physical and emotional well-being.

Once you have managed maintaining your physical health and you continue practising meditation at least once a day it then opens the door to your spirit, the field of infinite possibilities, connects you to your soul, to God the creator, to your source, to your creativity, opening you up to kindness, love, peace compassion and joy.

Meditation is part of every tradition in the world.

There are many various meditations practices, including concentrating on your breathing, mantra meditations, etc, but meditation has nothing to do with any beliefs or ideology. Meditation is a simple mental technique allowing the spirit to speak to you but it speaks through silence and comes to you through intuition, enthusiasm & inspiration, (inspiration is being in spirit) being in touch with God.

What is The Difference Between Prayer & Meditation?    praying-hands-rose        

Prayer is speaking to God.

One of the Most powerful things you can do is Pray, you don’t need to be a religious person to pray.

Besides praying for yourself its very powerful to pray for others, even for people you don’t know whose in pain and for so many suffering around the world. When you hear about or see someone in pain you can send them love from your heart and that is a form of healing. I usually imagine a beautiful white or golden light reaching out from my heart centre that reaches the person or situation and enveloping them with this healing and loving light.

To Summarise How To start meditation                           

meditation girl

If you have health, stress problems start with the intent to improve your physical well-being, then you can evolve to connecting to your higher conciousness.

If you are going to do any goal/desire setting visualization exercises do them before or after each meditation as your meditation practice requires your mind to go quite, releasing all thoughts.

20/ 30 minutes twice a day is very good or just 30 minutes a day is good.

You can meditate anywhere though best first thing in the morning, mid day if possible or before you sleep.

Sitting upright is best.

Start with noticing your breathing in through the noise and out through the noise.

Say a mantra mentally as you breath in and again as you breath out (optional) other wise just focus on the breath going in & out until your mind goes still, if thoughts distract you go back to focusing on your breath and to repeating your mantra, then let your mind be still.

Soothing music can also can used while meditating.

Don’t manipulate the breath it will flow naturally.

Benefits of Mediation 

Brain waves change when meditating, blood flows to brain increases profound changes to your hormones.

Some Scientists and Spiritual teachers are coming together showing the positive results to the brain as in ECG scans showing the brain waves have heighten activation while in meditation.

While meditating brainwaves appear to rewire themselves influencing positive new habits, increasing the capacity for happiness & joy.

Lifting your consciousnesses and leaving you feeling restfully alert.

Long term effects of meditation creates good habits replacing negative ones, you no longer want to violate the goodness that you receive through meditating. Improving eating habits, relationships and in some people any addictions they have stop as meditating nurtures the whole body so you are less likely to abuse your body or mind.

There is an endless list of other health benefits to meditating but I’ve intentionally listed some key areas that most people are asking me about which is to reduce stress, resolve/end relationship problems, give spiritual guidance and some are seeking ways to help support them towards enlightenment. Becoming an enlightened being is a process of being positively aligned to all things in your life and being aware when you are misaligned and adjusting your focus of attention to better thoughts. So no matter what challenges you have, you are able to connect to your higher conciousness in finding solutions and living a life with the least resistance to achieving all that’s good, in harmony and joy.

Why Use Mantra’s 

Mantra’s can be used to support your meditation but not necessary.

Mantra is a Sanskrit word, literally meaning, (man) mind, (tra) instrument of the mind)

There are many mantra’s that you can use, its a personal choice and normally one that is given to you by a Guru/Master

But you can select one that you have a connection with if you like.

Om or (Amen) are some of the mantra’s I like chanting silently in my mind.

In Christianity Jesus was known to repeat, I am, many times. And is used often used in mediations.

A mantra has a code and is a vibration so while chanting activates neuron pathways in the brain opening you up to a higher consciousnesses of  evolving and opportunities. 


Training Your Mind To Not Waste Life Force Energy In Thinking Millions Of Thoughts, Instead, Pick An Affirmation Or Mantra Sound And Stay With It While Meditating Or When You Just Need To Lift Your Vibration. 

The purest and ultimate goal in spiritual practice is to fully realize one’s complete union and identification with God, the Source of all, the true Self. We must leave the limited self behind and follow the master and his teachings in a return to God.

Meditation requires a leap in faith because we must dare to die to our limited but known self, before we truly experience and unite with God, the True Self; which we cannot realize through the rational thinking mind. We must become simple, clear, still and empty so that we can be filled with Everything, the infinite love, compassion and wisdom of God, within our own hearts, our own being.

meditation man









Reiki Balances Left Brain & Right Brain Thinking

Brain- L & Right

Left Brain, Right Brain – Which Side Are You On?

The left and right hemispheres of your brain process information in different ways. We tend to process information using our dominant side. The learning, thinking and overall well-being of a person is enhanced when both sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner. This means strengthening your less dominate hemisphere of the brain. As you will see from the diagram a list of processing styles is listed which are characteristically used by your right or left brain hemisphere.

Interestingly most of my clients who come for Reiki healing are functioning primarily through their left brain and often report feelings of disharmony, disconnection within themselves and their relationships. Other complaints include communication and relationship problems besides the disruption of their general well-being.

My clients don’t really concern themselves in understanding how or why they function mostly from the left brain, they’re just comforted by the soothing energy healing and the positive after effects on their mind, body & soul. The feed back from clients who are primarily left brained explain that after the Reiki healing they feel more receptive and connected to everything around them, a feeling of joy as they sense their heart opening to their true feelings again. And often they report sudden intuitive awareness on how to handle challenges in their relationships, jobs or with money rather than being afraid to face them.

As the heart opens it will always lead you intuitively to the best outcome whether it’s physical, emotional or a mental challenge.

Energy healing can be a catalyst to improve your life style and improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Why are so many people primarily left brained?

We know that what children are taught at home and schools influence and shape their minds into their adulthood. And schools only really focus on facts, numbers, accuracy, results and targets. The pupil is taught to use their left brain hemisphere which is connected with all things logical & analytical and is associated with doubt, fear, anger & all negative thinking. The right brain hemisphere is more visual, subjective, creative, and processes intuitively and holistically but in general its left brain functioning that schools support and favour.

Through keeping a record of clients healing sessions and following up I’ve seen great leaps in achieving a more balanced, left & right brain functioning by seeing positive results in changing negative thinking habits and better handling of life’s challenges in health, relationships, work & money.

“There is a battle with left brain logic & right brain subjective thinking, yet the energy healing is as real as the electricity that powers our homes. Energy is all around us but because we cannot see it does not mean it does not exist, it’s like the air we breathe”


My Angel Experience

It was Sunday 4th September 2005 and as I slept that evening I had both my hands across my heart area as I often fall asleep while giving self healing since I was attuned to Reiki healing in 2004. I always enjoy falling asleep to this warm healing energy surging through my heart and expanding out to the whole of my body.

This particular evening after falling restfully asleep I suddenly woke up and  noticed in the corner of my bed room a male figure standing and looking straight ahead.

He looked like an ancient wise man, he wasn’t tall and he was wearing a simple dark coloured rope. I had a good side view of him so I could see his strong features, straight noise, dark eyes, slim olive coloured face with a tidy beard and dark shoulder length hair.

As I continued looking in awe I noticed his hands were placed across his heart in the exact same self healing position as mine! I consciously closed my eyes and reopened them immediately in case I was dreaming, he was still there for a good seven seconds and then he just disappeared. My first instincts were he looked like some of the images depicted by artists as Jesus.

The next morning I remember thinking how blessed I was to have had such a deeply spiritual experience and wrote it down in my journal. Eight years on and I can still see that exact clear image in my mind. I didn’t realise until recently the figure I saw was in fact my guardian Angel.

I suppose you could say I was spiritually naive! But I instinctively knew that the Reiki healing energy had evoked a powerful divine manifestation in showing me approval of my progression with self healing.  Intuitively I felt the presence of my guardian Angel was encouraging me in continuing with my own self-healing and that giving healing to others would play an important role in my life.

It’s taken me eight years to fully explore a deeper connection with the spiritual experience I had that evening. I believe it was triggered by a another separate powerful spiritual experience I had recently, after which I had a strong feeling that I should meditate and connect telepathically with my guardian Angel.

I will write in more detail about the other spiritual experience that lead to my telepathic connection with my Angel another time.

But what I will say for now is that this recent divine experience connected me profoundly to source energy and the angelic realm instigated communication with my guardian Angel to be the right time.

I meditated and it wasn’t long before connection was made with my guardian Angel.

I started by just simply asking the question in my mind.

“Please confirm if you are my Guardian Angel appearing In the year 2005 with hands across heart in healing ”?

The communication I received.

“Yes, and we have been waiting for your communication with us!”

I was also given my guardian Angels name and our communication has become deeper & more regular.

At one point I asked a question in my mind and impatiently after a few seconds I asked the same question verbally.

I then heard.

“We can hear you telepathically” 

It was as if to say, You don’t need to repeat the question verbally as we will hear you anyway!

When I asked the question, “Is it ok for me to discuss my guardian Angel communication with others”?

The communication I received.

“It is advised to avoid talking about your communications with us as it can cause interference in the process. There will be a time once all things are established that you can speak freely as you will be doing”

Of course I will take the advice given until the right time to speak & write more openly about the communication I receive and how it’s evolving and helping.

But what I will share with you for now is the question I asked about my guardian Angels image. As I always imagined if I saw my guardian Angel that it would be like a goddess with wings maybe! I never expected the image I saw, An ancient wise healing man.

The communication I received. 

“We know you connect to Jesus & as you are a healer we will represent & present ourselves in the image you most connect with.

I am light in essence. I am assigned by God & your work is part of the reason I am here to guide you”

We are extensions of source energy and non-physical energy (Angels & Guides)   Source energy can project visually in many forms and communication can vary from seeing, hearing or both.

Having spoken to other people who have also had Angel experiences, they explain that Angels appear in a visual translation that you will understand, so if you have no connection to religion then its unlikely you will see a religious figure but you might see something else that you connect to, it could be an Angel with or without wings, or it could be a native American Indian guide. Some people see their guides & Angels as sparkling lights. So it doesn’t matter what your belief system is as long as you have a desire to connect with non-physical energy.

It’s given a whole new meaning to the saying, “Once the student is ready the teacher will appear”


“Once the student is ready the Guardian Angels will appear”! 


Reiki Healing & Meditation For Employees, Employers, Parents & Children

Reiki Healing & Meditation For Employees, Employers, Parents & ChildrenReiki Healing

We live, work, often in very rushed and stressed environments, having alternative therapy such as Reiki in the workplace is becoming the ideal solution for corporate and private business owners. Reiki is so powerful yet one of the most non-intrusive  therapies so it makes it ideal for small & large companies to implement into there organisation. Employers are becoming aware of the benefits to their staff  as research shows that companies who offer these services achieve less sick leave and produce maximum overall business productivity.

Businesses are implementing the services of having Reiki and other holistic therapies for their employees as part of their employee company benefits. Alternatively with some some companies where funding is limited the employees are given the choice of paying for the service themselves at a more competitive rate.

Research shows that having Reiki healing service in hospitals and other workplace’s improves employee satisfaction, increases productivity levels, whilst increasing well-being and energy amongst staff, management, company directors, ce0’s, etc….

Reiki Therapy & Attunements For Parents &  Their Children 

Reiki therapy & attunements for parents and their children is hugely successful in India with very positive case studies reporting increased well-being in both children and their parents. Reiki encourages empathy, a feeling of connection to life and can be instrumental in developing a child’s self esteem by encouraging self empowerment in the child’s learning experience.

Imagine if parents & teachers were offering Reiki healing sessions and attunement workshops in schools & colleges across the UK, it would be a truly wonderful opportunity for young individuals to experience for themselves this natural ancient healing method which dates back to 1865.  Receiving Reiki healing or being attuned to Reiki energy is a highly valuable & powerful tool to help through the stresses of life, both for parents and their children, enabling young individuals to have a natural remedy at the touch of their own hands!  or through the hands of their parents, nurses and teachers, etc…

The questions and answers below are frequently asked about Reiki also known as energy healing and the potential of businesses implementing Reiki healing in the workplace.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy-based healing and self-development system that originated in Japan. A trained Reiki therapist channels naturally occurring external electromagnetic energy into a client in order to initiate a healing response.  Reiki is referred to the ‘Usui System of Natural Healing,’ Named after the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, who discovered Reiki in the 1800s while undertaking a spiritual retreat on Mount Kurama in Japan. The word ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese term consisting of two words ‘Rei’ and ki’.

“Rei” means “guided.“Ki” means “life force energy.” Together they mean, life force energy or universal life force energy, which is  guided to bring the body, emotions and spiritual aspects of ourselves into balance.

What Is Universal Energy? 

Metaphysical science writers explain that the essence of all energy is Universal energy and that this exists throughout the Universe. In the atmosphere Universal energy transforms into a form of energy that is easily absorbed by all living things. This transformed energy has been called life force or vital force. In the East they they call it prana energy. Everything in creation is made up of electromagnetic energy vibrating at different frequencies that correspond to sound, light and colour.  The existence of electromagnetic fields around every object in the world, known as an Aura, is a scientifically proven fact. The Chinese refer to this energy as ‘Chi’ (pronounced Chee), the vital life force energy of the Universe, present within every living thing. Western medical science is now beginning to take a serious look at ancient Far Eastern traditions that focus on Chi – the life force energy which flows through the pathways (meridians and chakras) of all living forms – in order to maintain health and wellness, mentally, physically and emotionally.

What Are The Qualities of Universal Life Force Energy?

Life force energy has some special qualities that will help with healing the mind, body, spirit development. An important aspect is that, by using your mind, it is possible to control this energy. The energy of Chi emits vibrant, bright colours (the aura), a vibrational frequency, and a sound. When Chi becomes disturbed, stagnant, imbalanced or depleted, dis-ease and illness begin to take form, aura becomes darker and discoloured  personal frequency vibrates incorrectly, and the meridians (energy pathways – Chinese origin) and chakras (energy centres – Indian origin), within the body, become blocked.

How Does Reiki Benefit me?

Reiki is a fantastic way of boosting well-being and general health. Reiki  heals on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. Reiki can be used on chronic illnesses and injuries, minor ailments, emotional traumas, stress, depression, anxiety and other physical and emotional problems. Reiki restores balance, revitalises and clients often remark that on a personal development level they often feel  empowered in achieving their personal and professional goals.

What will I feel while having Reiki?

A Reiki treatment is very relaxing and uplifting, often clients experience pleasant sensations such as heat, tingling and while other clients report not sensing very much often due to resistance. These clients still benefit regardless of their resistance in subtle ways like restful sleep and other positive effects which manifest over a period of letting down their guard to receive this powerful healing energy.

What Is A Reiki Attunement?

A Reiki attunement is when a client wants to have permanent access to Reiki energy for themselves or to use on others.

There are three Reiki levels, Reiki one is for the purposes of self-healing and giving healing to family & friends, Reiki level two gives you  access to activating absent healing energy and practising as a therapist and Reiki three is the master (teacher) level.

The ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense but is transferred to the student by a Reiki master (teacher) a good analogy is like plugging you into the unlimited supply of the Universal Energy similar to tuning your radio or TV to a selected channel.

Reiki  acts like a variable transformer which gives control over the speed, depth and intensity of the current flow to the recipient/place or situation. The Reiki attunement given by a Reiki master allows the student to tap into unlimited supply of “Universal life force energy” to improve ones health and enhance the quality of life. The Reiki attunement involves initiation process of opening up the crown, heart and palm chakras to allow Universal Life Force Energies (Reiki) to flow through.

How will Reiki Healing Benefit my Company? 

Using Reiki healing on a weekly or monthly basis increases well- being, vitality & energy of your staff, stabilises staff retention, motivation and improves overall performance. On-Site Reiki in the workplace is a great way to boost morale, reward employee performance and enhance the health and wellness of your business. Reiki Empowerment service promotes a relaxed, positive,  motivated and productive working environment.

What Type of Businesses Do You Offer Reiki To?                               help!

Whether your in the public or private sector, well-being of employees is crucial for successfully running any organisation.

Health Professionals, Therapists, Nurses, Sales executives, Media, Legal, Finance, What ever your profession or business sector.

Does Reiki Healing Stop Anxiety Attacks &  Help To Improve or Stop Unwanted Habits?

Yes, Reiki can stop anxiety & panic attacks as it did for me and many others.  And for those people who want to control their habits for  smoking or caffeine  rather than their desires controlling them Reiki healing can help control undesirable desires if the person is prepared to fully embrace the Reiki healing to change unwanted habits.

How Will You Perform Reiki In The Workplace?

Reiki is non-invasive and no massage or manipulation is involved. As a qualified Reiki teacher and therapist I place my hands just above the client (or directly on the head, shoulder or back area if agreed by the client) and channels external energy into the client to promote a sense of well-being  improve health and reduce stress. Sensations can include: heat, tingling and a sense of calm and deep relaxation. Reiki Empowerment Service comes direct to your hospital, office(s) on a weekly or monthly basis.

Meditation Sessions

Meditation enriches & improves every area of life including relationships, eliminating sickness & poverty consciousness, connecting you to your higher self, revealing  answers & insights to questions you may have.

I practice & teach the Most Powerful state of consciousness through a meditation method known as mid brain activation & manifestations that have worked for me and will work for you.

It’s a science not a philosophy.

Tarot Readings A Catalyst For Healing & Change


The reason why Reiki or any form of healing is so important in connection with giving  Tarot readings is because often psychics, Reiki healers and complementary therapists usually have to face their own self-healing journey, naturally enabling greater empathy, compassion and understanding of their clients own problems.   

Tarot readings connect me clairvoyantly to almost any situation such as, relationships, career, money and business. I’ve given countless of readings to men and women who repeatedly attract the same negative situations be it to do with money, business decisions or repeatedly attracting difficult or abusive relationships. These negative patterns reflect issues deep within the seekers psyche and in the case of toxic relationships they’re  mainly due to low self-worth issues. The question is why and where did the low self-esteem first begin?

In some situations Tarot readings can act as a catalyst by surfacing more than just insight into the seekers questions, it can go deep into the persons psyche unravelling the most complicated negative patterns that causes the person constant negative blocks in specific areas of their life.  And when necessary this is where I bridge together giving readings and recommending Reiki healing.

The Tarot itself represents every experience on our journey in life and the different types of characters that are involved or influence us.  I’m also experienced in giving telephone tarot readings where I connect to the person’s energy through just hearing the person say their name. The person having the reading has a question in their mind and as I shuffle the cards on their behalf I connect to him or her via the phone. The Tarot or Angel cards that are selected are not just the result of random selection but conducted with intention for clear insight and answers to whatever situation the person is facing.

My Tarot readings involve giving honest, empowering & insightful outcome into the life of the person seeking answers. The cards selected will represent what is happening in the questioner’s deep subconscious and the ancient images of the tarot connects me clairvoyantly allowing me to see, feel and hear information relating to each individual person and their situation. To date I’ve given 100’s of readings in person and on the phone.

I love receiving feed back which I have many but for the purposes for keeping things brief here’s just a few:

“I spoke to this lovely lady, and let me say WAW. She was in touch, patient, understanding, sensitive, and compassionate. She’s great. Thanks Hattie…I really enjoyed our EXTENDED TALK…” 

Reshma,Burning sun 

Hi Hattie, I just wanted you to know that your reading for me was spot on I am so happy to tell you that everything has just fallen into place as you predicted. You have an amazing gift.
Many thanks again, Ruth Franks 

Hello Hattie, Thank you so much for the reading I thought it was brilliant and it has made me see things clearly. I’m sure we will cross paths in the future. Love, Bee. (29th October 2011)


Tarot Readings That Empower


Really touching. Lovely to share with others xx

Misifusa's Blog

Yesterday I spent with my Mom and we were going through my Dad’s email account to see if we had missed any messages from people who didn’t know that he had passed away back in June.  I did find 4 people who were continuing to email him and probably wondering why he hadn’t been responding as he was an avid emailer, so I sent them a note to reach out and let them know what had happened.

In looking though the messages, I found one from July 6 from my 12 year old son to Pop Pop.  I couldn’t believe my eyes…what in the world?  My son knew Pop Pop had passed so why was he emailing him?  Immediately I opened the email and read:

On Mon, May 7, 2012 at 7:08 AM, Pop Pop wrote:

Good luck today, Misifusa.  (FYI:  I was having surgery that day) Hope I have…

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Full Moon & Meditation

The Full Moon is here again and is tremendously powerful because it’s the day of prosperity and enlightenment.

We have two full moons on the 1st & 31st August and it’s time to focus your intentions on your highest desires and expect them to manifest.

Its time to really meditate upon your goals by visualising the outcome of all your desires.

The best meditating techniques I recommend are the simple ones, like sitting upright, feet on the floor, taking some deep breaths and quieting the mind by imaging a white light entering the crown of your head right through your whole body down to your toes.  Then imagine an indigo or white light emanating out from the centre of your forehead, known as (third eye) you may start to feel some tingling as your energy frequency rises. Then start to imagine all the things you wish to manifest, it might be a new job, new car, a business opportunity, etc….

The key things to remember is you need real desire, belief, faith and expectancy that all you visualize will manifest but action is also required, so if you desire starting a new job or business opportunity for example, start doing the ground work, like researching & applying for your ideal jobs, or preparing a business plan. While meditating sense and feel if you are on the right track, you might receive insight and guidance, or you might start having doubts that you’re not on the right path, that’s ok, just adjust your desires according to the results of your actions and the outcome of your research.

Negativity of all types will block the outcome of your desires.

The influence of the Full Moon also encourages us to let go of situations and people who create negativity in our lives.

Jealousy is a very negative emotion which can cause serious damage in friendships and personal relationships.

There are different levels of jealousy, one of the more obvious ones is between couples which can be very damaging and ultimately at its worst extreme can be the cause of ending relationships.

Have you been at the receiving end of this negative emotion from a friend, relative, work colleague, etc.. Or perhaps you’re not even aware of giving out this very negative energy?


Starting to become aware of your intentions and your thoughts will give you a pretty good clue as to where you’re at!

Also, are you experiencing negative situations with friends or family members? What are the arguments all about?

If it points towards jealousy, insecurity and ego problems just some of the very low vibrational energies that are highly damaging to the individual and to their relationships. I recommend meditating as to why you are experiencing or creating these situations, the full moon will enhance your natural intuitive and psychic gifts so you will receive insight and guidance. Trust in the messages and the insights you are given, even if it revels aspects of yourself you would like to change.

How Does The Moon Affect The Mind?

I wanted to find out how much the Moon affects the human mind and understand how we can possibly manifest our desires through setting our intentions on a full Moon. Having done some research it’s believed in many cultures that on a full Moon, the Ascended Masters & Gurus come close to us through meditation and that these enlighten beings can connect with us as their role is to guide us towards one’s higher self. It’s believed that once you have connected with a Master it opens you up to all possibilities in life, without limitation & inspires you to live with joy & peace.

Spiritual Science

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) examined the effect of the moon on human behaviour using spiritual research methodologies. The spiritual research that was conducted to ascertain if the moon affected the human behaviour and the short answer was yes, it does have an effect. The following are the various aspects on how the moon affects our life.

All objects including stars, planets and satellite bodies along with their gross (tangible) attributes emanate subtle (intangible) frequencies (energy). These physical attributes and subtle frequencies affect us in varying degrees at a physical and subtle level.

The frequencies emanating from the Moon affect the frequencies of the mental body, meaning the mind, which includes feelings, emotions and desires. The mind consists of the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind, within the sub-conscious mind we have a number of impressions that are embedded that decide our basic nature and personality. We are however not aware of the thoughts or impressions in our sub-conscious mind.

These impressions in our mind are the catalysts for all our thoughts and subsequent actions.

If the impressions on our mind are catalyst for all our thoughts and subsequent actions this must mean by focusing on creating your desires you can change the outcome of your reality. 

Have you had an experience which has connected you to enlighten beings through meditation? Or had great insight and guidance that has helped you in your life?

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